Salomon Freeski TV S4 E16 Wave Skiing 2.0: JAWS

There is skiing and then there is this way :D Awesome!

Sho Kashima Calgary World Cup 2012 Freestyle Mogul Skiing

This is some prrretty darn hot skiing!

Skiing - Salomon BBR ROCKS!

I have been skiing on these some now and I can only tell they are very cool skis. A rare breed of excellent performance skis. They work in fast moguls, long radius carving and pretty much everything in between. Hell! Even Pow. Without compromising. Check them out if get a chance. I bet you’ll find them worth it.

I recommend you actually pick a pair of somewhat shorter ones than typically recommended tip-rockers would be. I find the 166 cm/7,9 model perfect despite I weight almost 95 kgs and am 188 cm tall.

Edit 03-12: For a longer review video also covering powder performace I recommend watching this video by Snoworks Ski Courses

With much more experience under my belt now… Well, I just had to go and buy a pair of these. That should pretty much sum up how I really feel ‘bout “Da BBR”. It’s simply AAA+ :D

Beautiful Skiing - Chimæra by Sherpas Cinema

A perfect fusion of sports and art. Really cool.